Welcome to BuyHouseDecor.comfree online magazine which was created by a group of interior designers. Here you’ll find only the most beautiful, unique and artistic pieces helping you decorate your home.  We’ve scoured the internet to find the best items from both large home décor companies and small arts and crafts businesses.  We only list our favorite items, many of which we’ve purchased ourselves for our own homes!

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Lighting In this section you’ll find a variety of different types of lighting options.  From beautiful lamps and chandeliers to candles and much more, if it is beautiful, unique and gives off light you’ll find it here. 

How to decorate you home walls. Designer advice about wall decor 

Wall Décor Nothing can beautify a home more completely than how you decorate your walls.  In this section you’ll find picture frames, paintings and other forms of art and so much more.  You’ll love browsing through our large selection of incredible wall décor. 

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Posters Whether it’s for your husband’s ‘man cave’, your kid’s walls or your business, posters can be the perfect way to not only decorate your walls but also send a message.  From classic movie posters to fun or funny posters you’ll find the best of them here. 

Take a look on our fireplace accessories collection


Fireplace Décor  Few things can add to the elegance of a home more than a fireplace.  When adorned with the items found in this area it can quickly become the centerpiece of the room.  From fireplace tool sets to screens to put in front of the fireplace and so much more, you’ll love the selection in this area. 

Wide selection of unique vases and bowls


Vases Vases come in such a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns and colors they can be the perfect piece to add to any room.  Whether they hold flowers or stand alone, you’ll find dozens of unique vases which can be used to beautify your home. 

Classic, modern, electronic clocks, alarm clocks, and timers


Clocks Clocks have been used to help decorate homes as well as tell time for generations.  Whether you’re looking for large grandfather clocks or small artistic clocks, you’ll find everything you need here.   

Rugs & Carpets


Rugs. Elite, exclusive, classical, traditional and for children rugs made as to the most modern and the traditional manner and offering the maximum freedom of choice. Create a cozy and  truly comfort at home  is impossible without the rug or carpet. To find the optimum rug for your home, check out our wide selection of rugs.

Our philosophy

We found we were spending far too much time ‘window shopping’ online and finding hundreds of amazing products which we wanted to share. When we created this online magazine we had one simple philosophy: We only want to display the best, original designers things that you can buy on the web. We will never spam lame products or display an item which we don’t love because of a sales commission. We do not accept paid advertising from any designers or companies to promote their home décor products.

Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you’ve enjoyed your visit.  We’d like to invite you to come back often as our team of home decorators is constantly finding new and exciting pieces to add to our collection.  If you’ve enjoyed your visit here please consider following us on twitter or liking us on facebook.  

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Geek table lamp

Feb 11, 2012 by Philippe Matthews

I was looking just for present to my boss and I found there some many interesting ideas original desktop lamps, some stylish geek gadgets. I'm glad that you save my time. Great service!

Buy House Decor (212-919-2722 244 5th Avenue, Suite N-281 New York NY, 10001 USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 I was looking just for present to my boss and I found there some many interesting ideas original desktop lamps, some stylish geek gadgets. I'm glad that you save my time. Great ser